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With the advancement in the technology and increase in usage internet especially social media has created very sensitive issue regarding our privacy and unethical usage of date we share on different sites. The access of big data by different sites to use let’s say for marketing purpose or spying or for many other things is not known to general internet users. There are a number of people who don’t know what happens to the data they share. There are people who unknowingly share very sensitive information online t they might not share if were aware of the privacy concerns and its usage of different partner sites of the website they are following. The security concerns are not an issue of individuals but it is becoming very crucial for business and the data they share on internet. The reason of being unaware of privacy leaks and presence of security software’s to get rid of this issue leads to big loss for different companies we often hear on news about hacked websites and it happens because there are many companies and individuals who did not have installed security software for the information they share on internet.

To protect your business website, family and teenagers from cyber crime sincolabs is the best choice for you and your business information security. We are here to provide you best service regarding digital forensics, we do all the security assessments for our clients and inform them about the assessment , code audit is one of important factor for security software providers thus we have best system for code audits that will provide a guaranteed security for our concerned customers.

Along with providing security software sincolabs aims to educate its customers regarding cyber crime, sharing of big date, it’s unethical use by different websites for their own benefits without prior permission of the general public and companies.

We want to create awareness about the importance of their private information and its security.

We assure our clients that getting their websites and personal accounts secured is not an expense but for future it’s a valuable investment that will help companies to maintain their security and exclusive identity alive among competitors.

We are here to make audit of your data and keep a track of hackers that will help you to keep you data safe.

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