Most users have learnt very quickly how to use technology, but they have not learnt how to use it in a proper way to avoid problems.

In fact, the end user is the weakest link in the chain of security that makes him/her the target of so many cyberattacks. Therefore your company is under risk. A potential attacker might use deception to fool an employee in order to pass all security measures and take control of your systems. No matter how much your company has invested in security hardware, if your employees are easy targets then you will be hacked.

Cybersecurity awareness has an important role in families. Teenagers and other home users are favourite targets of attackers who, for example, want to make money through blackmail or stealing personal information. In the worst scenario we talk about lives: Social networks make kidnapping easier for criminals, with unexpected results in most cases.

Deception is the base for these attacks, well known as social engineering attacks, and cybersecurity awareness is the solution to solve it. The more conscious a user is, the higher the security.

Sinco labs provides cybersecurity awareness presentations:

  • Tailored content for teenagers in schools and security workshops for children.
  • Tailored content for companies and their employees.

Our presentations include several simulations of risk during a live demonstration of an attack. The audience can see with their own eyes what is really happening behind the scenes, that seem innocent but in reality are not. Recommendations are given too on each situation to carry out better and safer use of technology. Our presentations are available in English, Italian and Spanish.

As part of our social responsibility, schools and community centres can enjoy our special offers.

Contact us and tell us your company's needs, we will tailor the cybersecurity presentation to these needs. It will be a high return investment by avoiding risks in the future from cyber attacks.